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Closes 17/09/2019


Student Staff - Retail (Root Zero)

Join our newest venture and help save the planet!

Closes 23/09/2019


Student Staff - Retail (Root & Fulton Outfitters)

be part of our retail team at our wonderful Root and Fulton Outfitters stores

Closes 20/09/2019


Creative Lead (Graphics & Multi-Media)

The Creative Lead will provide innovative and creative artwork for all Union campaigns, advertising and promotions

Closes 20/09/2019


Student Voice (Communications & Campaigns) Co-ordinator

Supporting the Union’s media, communications and campaigning activities.

Closes 25/09/2019


Student Voice (Opportunities & Sport) Co-ordinator (SVOC)

The role of the SVOC is to enhance a student's experience by creating opportunities to engage in activities within the University, Union and wider community.